Origin Story

The Paddle Pump was born from seaplane flying. In flying floatplanes, every preflight includes pumping out the float compartments.  Similarly, part of every floatplane's kit is a paddle that can be used to get to the dock, away from danger, or to shove off rocks and obstacles. 


Since we expect to use our pumps every time we fly, we set out to make the operation smoother and easier while maintaining durability.  Our patented valve system made for a significant improvement over the standard plastic pumps that were the normal options for pilots and boaters alike.  Our pump glides with ease while maintaining the same output as a traditional pump. Often times sumps and bilges may be full of sand and grime. Through extensive testing and iterative design we made the pump durable and capable of pumping in all situations. 

As pilots, we expect our equipment to perform when needed and a paddle is no different. As such, the paddle was designed without compromising strength. We used strong anodized aluminum to ensure the shaft won't bend, break, or snap during operation. The paddle design was built off of the classic beaver tail blade style because of its efficient and balanced feel.  The beaver tail blade design further maximizes the reach of the Paddle Pump into bilges and sumps. 

All in all, we are very excited our product and know that you will be too.​

Maine Made

Floatplane flying in Maine is an intrinsic part of Maine's rural heritage. With over 5,000 ponds and lakes throughout the state, at one point, floatplanes were the only means of accessing its remote parts. The general aviation community still thrives in Maine as an efficient means to accessing Maine's remote ponds and islands.  We are proud to have our roots in Maine and be building our products here.  We make our paddle blades and handles out of recycled plastics and endeavor to keep our waterways clean.

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