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Paddle Pumps

The Paddle Pump™ Seaplane Edition

The Paddle Pump™ Seaplane Edition

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Simplify Your Aircraft: Less Weight & More Space

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As pilots ourselves, we expect our equipment to perform when needed and our Paddle Pump is no different. As such, the paddle was designed without compromising strength. We used strong anodized aluminum to ensure the shaft won't bend, break, or snap during operation. The paddle design was built off of the classic beaver tail blade style because of its efficient and balanced feel.  The beaver tail blade design further maximizes the reach of the Paddle Pump into bilges and sumps.

Weight totals 1.4 lbs which is comparable to or lighter than a traditional paddle.
- The pump operates at 5 Gallons per Minute (GPM). 10 Strokes equals 1 gallon.
- The Paddle Pump is manufactured in Maine 

Our patented valve system doubles the duty cycle of regular pumps so the paddle works for you on the Up AND Down strokes.  This system offers an effortless operation, high-velocity flow, and quick bailing.
Weight: 1.4 Lbs
Length: 36" - 60"
GPM: 5 GPM or 10 Strokes per Gallon
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